Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am going to bed. Really. Walker is out of town and I am very tired. And I love, love, love my children. I do. But I am very tired. Let's just leave it at that. Octupi. Sweet, sweet octupi.

But I have a confession to make before I go. And since my devotional for the Internet Cafe next month is (I think) going to be on confession, I shall clear my bloggy soul tonight.

I am guilty of the sin of coveting my neighbor's house. Even though my neighbor may only be two years soul is nonetheless sullied with envy.

Because ever since I first saw this advertised in a Parents magazine, I have really, really, really wanted to buy myself my girls:

a Rose Petal Cottage.

And I want to decorate my their dreamhouse, of course.
And Hasbro is so kind and thoughtful, they have provided all we could ever need.

I want the Rose Petal Nursery that goes with it

We can pass on the Rose Petal Love 'n Cuddle Baby Set, for obvious reasons.
We've got the real deal already.

But I do want the Rose Petal Lounge Chair

and the Rose Petal sink

and the Rose Petal Washer

and the Rose Petal Making Muffins Baking Set

and the Rose Petal Stew 'n Simmer Veggie Set

and if we got all this, we would have to sit on my their Rose Petal Dinette

and sip 'n celebrate with the Rose Petal Sip 'n Celebrate Tea Set

Except we wouldn't really be celebrating but sipping away our sorrows, because their Rose Petal daddy would probably have filed for a Rose Petal divorce by now. Not because of the $325 + tax price tag for my their dream house, although that would be good enough reason.

No, he would surely go because of all the major concessions and life changes that come with offspring, the one change that Walker has yet to get used to is 'all the kids' toys and crap all over the house.'

So were I to bring in this 37"W x 18"D x 42"H (50"H on chimney side) playhouse, I think he would consider that reasonable and perhaps even biblical grounds to leave me.

The sacrifices I make for my family.

Off to dream about Rose Petals...
hey, I didn't see a Rose Petal Bed, come to think of it. Hm. Maybe it's not a dream house after all.

Good night.

Addendum - I saw one of these last week in real life at a birthday party and - well. Disappointing is all I will say. My fantasy Rose Petal Cottage still exists but is evidently not for sale!

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