Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wanna be like Ozzy

Shepherd graduated from preschool last night. Sort of. In Texas you must be five years old by September 1 to attend kindergarten. He could have started kinder next year, but because he is an August birthday, he is going to 'transition', also known as bridging, that is, an extra class between PreK and K. This is quite common for summer born boys. In fact, here in the burbs, it is so widely practiced that it is almost a disservice to your kidlet not to do so. (Tell me in the comments how common this is elsewhere?)

Anyway. I am not completely sold on this new trend to graduate from every level of schooling. Peschool Graduation seems to me like a Hallmark invented event. I therefore was pleased when Shepherd didn't actually walk across a stage to receive a little diploma but rather sang in a program and then went back to his classroom for cookies and punch. Walker has been out of town, so Eva Rose and I attended while my mom watched the babies.

His teachers had told me that he hadn't really been participating in the rehearsals so they feared he might not do much more than stand there.


First he entertained his sister with some goofy faces. Then, he made some very dramatic hand gestures.

They could be the Hook 'em Horns sign, exhibited here by Matthew McConaughey (who, incidentally, was a classmate at UT.)


Or maybe SOMEONE taught him the heavy metal sign.

And gee, it wasn't me. Whoever could it be?!

I can only assume it was the Same Person who blasts AC/DC for my children to frolic like heathens to.

All I know is that during the singing of "I Wanna Be Like Jesus," while all the other precious 4 year olds made the sweet little hand motions they had been practicing for weeks, my son headbanged to the beat of a different drum.

It makes my mother's heart so proud.

And I'm gonna clobber Someone as soon as they get back in town.

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