Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh Sweet Ocean

Yesterday the big kids and I went to the beach with several other friends. Oh, I love the ocean. I grew up just thirty miles from Galveston. The summer 1987, my parents gave me the cruddiest car, the Coupe Dehumility, a 1980 Chevette (sing to yourselves, Little Red, you got to slow down) and my friend Marcella Ofczarzac were in a contest to see who could get tannest by summer's end. We drove down there about every other day. Here I am, on my way, in all my 17 year old glory.

I wish I could read the prices on the Exxon pump - I bet gas was .90 a gallon. Crimony. I remember it took four dollars gas money to get us there and back. I did not even let myself try and calculate how much it cost me yesterday! Well, Marcella totally won the tanning contest (which we nicknamed the Cancer Quest, because when you are 17 that's funny.) Her eyelids would tan, y'all. And she would have tan lines on her fingers from her rings. I was so jealous. I also became very tanorexic - a disease where everyone else tells you you are black, but when you look in the mirror, all you see is pale skin. It's a bona fide mental illness.

Having little kids has totally cramped my beach bumming. Yesterday was the first time my kids have been to the beach in the summer (we do go every Thanksgiving.) And I was happy to see that they absolutely loved it.

I think Shep has some surfer blood in him. Lacking equipment, he settled for bodyboarding.

The day was overcast but I was a good mom and slathered them with SPF 45. Eva Rose's back is a little pink and Shep's cheeks are as well, but for the most part, they opted out of the Cancer Quest. Momma, however...different story.

I do like to get some sun, just enough that I can forgo wearing foundation for a few months and get some natural highlights in my hair. But since I haven't spent enough time in the sun to count in four years, I just totally forgot the precautions that needed to be taken on myself. My sunscreen was not waterproof, and only stupidity can account for not even thinking to put it on my face.

Congrats to the winner of Cancer Quest 2008:

I win a vat of aloe vera and limited permission to go braless.

But at least I finally beat Marcella!

By the way, whenever I go to the ocean, Jackopierce's song Sweet Ocean plays over and over in my mind. Jackopierce were a couple of SMU guys from the early 90s, that we used to see in clubs and blast in the car on road trips to Dallas. So, to me they are the sound of college. Loved them. Still love them. One of the guys, Cary Pierce, became a Christian not long ago (yea Cary! Welcome to the family!) and is touring solo now, and plays Christian music. Here he is singing the Ocean song that I love. And I stuck another one of my favorites, Vineyard, on my sidebar, so when I hear it I can pretend I am 21 again. Enjoy.

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