Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pictures of Mom.

My mom was never a shutterbug, unlike myself. She took like, one picture of us each Christmas, one each Halloween, etc. Considering this was back in the olden times where you actually had to load film in your camera, blindly point and shoot and cross your fingers that they developed all right, you might think she would take a couple more for safety's sake - nope.

I still have two big photo albums full of my childhood, which is plenty. I mean, it doesn't compare to half a million photos on Picasa that my children have already amassed, but it suffices.

However, I have always lamented however that I have so few shots of me and my mom. And tonight I realized it is even worse than I feared. I have exactly one photo of me with my mother per year! Evidently she would haul us out to the front yard one Sunday before church and make my dad take our annual Snapshot with Mom.

Truly, my mother does smile, a lot in fact. I don't know why she looks so stoic in all these photos. Perhaps she was irritated because her husband griped as much about taking family photos as my husband does?

(I can't find the photo of the day I came home from the adoption agency...I will add it when I do. It's fabulous - she has a beehive.)

Here we are in 1971.
Ironically I have a coat that looks almost just like her dress.
She looks great, even with the 60s country singer hair, so I don't know why she dressed me like a cruise ship director. Join us for shuffleboard on the Lido Deck at 2!

That's a hangar at Hobby Airport in the background, by the way. I grew up with only a field separating us from the airport. A field that was a wonderful playground for all the neighborhood kids, until massive apartment complexes were built there, and subsequently my parents' property value tanked faster than you can say "Houston Has No Zoning Laws."

Apparently, we just skipped 1973 and went straight to 1974.
My mom would have been my age now in this photo.
I think I saw my brother Jay's suit yesterday on TBN...

1975, on our way to a wedding.
My mom made my dress. I LOVED it.
(Hey Jay, Paul Crouch called and he wants his suit back.)

And that's about where it ends. I only have scattered photos of the two of us until I got in high school and took over as family photographer. It's just sad, isn't it?

Cut to the present.

Last week, Eva Rose was supposed to take a picture of her family to school. And y'all, I had to send three different ones because I realized that I don't have any of all of us since Ike was teeny! And scaring up a decent one of me took some work too!

Gasp! The sins of one generation are being passed down to the next!

I had promised myself that I would not let this happen, but now I see how easily it does. Like most moms, I am almost always the one behind the camera.

I mentioned this to my mom, who declared that on Mother's Day, while we were all dolled up for church, we would take some family photos, including some of me with each of my children.

And where did we take them? In the front yard, of course! Ha, I hadn't even realized that till just now.

So, here are the 2008 family photos. With me wearing a very exclusive, handmade necklace that I received as a Mother's Day gift from a very special little man in my life, who is SO proud of it.

I am so glad we have them.

Till next year!!

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