Thursday, May 8, 2008


Because it's my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Well, actually my birthday was yesterday. But because we live in a third world country where our services go out for days at a time - oh wait, no we don't, we just have Comcast! - we were phoneless, cableless and internetless for 24 hours and hence, no post.

I give myself a mani/pedi every year for my birthday. This year 'Tammy' (why are half of all Vietnamese manicurists named Tammy?) asked if I wanted some decoration, and I said sure! and she went to work like she was painting the Sistene Chapel. And I LOVE my toes. Talk about cheap thrills. Had to share.

And boy, never really noticed how swollen my Flintstone feet were by the end of the day until I took a picture of them.

I am now 30-freaking-8 years old. Yes. I am way, way closer to 50 than 25. In my head I am still about 28. 30 on a bad day. So I really don't comprehend how I can really be two years away from 40.

I spent my actual birthday doing laundry but on Tuesday, Walker and I went out after our adoption meeting (details later, I promise.) And then we got silly with the video camera.

Which I shall post, when I don't have four toddlers crawling on me. Tingles, I know.

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