Monday, June 30, 2008

Desperate times

Because if I have to clean poop - LOTS OF POOP - out of a crib one more time...

Mags is on a terror lately. A. TER. ROR.

Anyone else dreaming of baby Prozac on this lovely summer's day??

I called my mom, aka The Tenaha Delegate, and she informed me that Jenny is indeed right, it is "on a tear" not "on a terror". Which is rocking my worldview. I always thought it was terror. Tear/terror, sounds just alike in Texas. So I stand corrected. And befuddled.

I think I like "on a terror" better. So I am sticking with it. Y'all are welcome to join me in my misuse of the English language.

I can't believe Tenaha was on Wikipedia. Wow, Wikipedia really does know everything.

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