Monday, June 9, 2008

Quoted - Derek Webb

So, I am going to start adding cool quotes I come across. I love me a good quote, and I love to share them plus write them here so I can remember them.

I am a podcast junkie. I love listening to them while I clean house, while I work out - when I work out - and while driving. The upside is gaining so much wisdom so easily. The downside is I have become a huge geek when it comes to music, but oh well. Just one more way I am turning into my mother.

So this weekend I was listening to an interview with Derek Webb on Ear Relevant. We are big fans of Derek in this house (which makes me slightly less geeky I guess) so I loved listening to this podcast. I used to go see Caedmon's Call way back at Metro Bible Study at the Baptidome in the 90s. Derek's new, edgier stuff is awesome.

So this is what he said that I related to very deeply:

"I spent the first half of my life just rebelling. I was a rebellious kid, I was a real discipline case, I was trouble for my parents, for my teachers...So far my adult life has been about, not necessarily me not being who God made me to be, or not being the way God designed me or wired me, as much as determining what are the right things to rebel against. I think there are right things to rebel against. I think the bible gives us a framework for things that are happening around us that are not right, that we can and should be rebelling against."

Isn't that cool and so wise? And it gives me a new prayer for my kids. Not that they would not be rebellious - but that they would rebel against evil, and injustice, and rebel for the rights of the innocent.

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