Tuesday, June 3, 2008

She Speaks!

I bought a plane ticket yesterday...so the last bit of procrastination has been checked off the list. In three short weeks - how can that be? - I will be flying to Charlotte, North Carolina, and attending the She Speaks Conference.

Why? Because Linda told me too. And Walker said, "Go! Absolutely! Go!" So I am going.

I LOVE speakers. I will go and hear just about anyone speak about almost anything. Half the reason I go to MOPS is for the speakers. Two years ago I attended the PCA's Women in the Church conference in Atlanta, and for Christmas that year all I asked for were the CDs from all the 30 or so of the pre-conference sessions. I then devoured all of them in my car over the next few months - saving the best ones, like Paige Benton Brown for last.

Yes, I am that nerdy.

So to think that I get to sit and listen for three days to wise women speak about my favorite topics is giving me tingles. I think it might even compensate for the fact that I can't go see Beth again till next January (urgh.) (And if the Proverbs 31 ladies sell CDs of all these pre-conf sessions, Walker will have some easy Christmas shopping again this year.)

If all that weren't enough, Linda and Kelley are my room mates!! Pajama party!! Linda is like my lost (older) soul sister. And Kelley has seven kids so I just expect her to spend the entire two days telling me every single thing she has learned about raising tons of kids. I think I am going to wire her so I won't miss a word.

On that note, I told Linda we should voraciously read every blog of the other attendees, then memorize facts and wear those secret service type mikes and cue each other, "That's Susan. She hates pickles. Her last baby was a c-section. Ask her how her scar is and about those cute wedges she's wearing - she found them at Marshall's." Just to make people think we are totally weird, or, maybe totally nice. Linda didn't even email me back, so I guess she wasn't up for it. Oh well. Sigh.

I am hopping around a lot, trying to meet some other attendees before I go so we can have squealy moments in Charlotte. Please leave me a comment if you will be there!

And as I will be relying on my sad little sleep deprived pregnancy addled memory - instead of note cards and secret service mikes - please give me a cue when we meet in Charlotte!

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