Monday, June 23, 2008

She Done Spoke

She checks email
Sophie, me, Melanie, Dawn, Robin, JoLynne, Shannon
and despite how it may appear, those are just glasses of ice as we wait fervently for the hotel store to open back up so we can get our $4 Diet Coke fixes

It was fabulous. With one exception.

As loyal as I try to be to the homies, Continental Airlines is on my bad list.

It all began I realized my not so small ticket fee bought me a seat packed into the smallest jet I have been on. Seriously. So tiny I took a photo for you, because you would not believe it otherwise.

I was scrunched in the bathroom, and have I mentioned I am 5'1? All I could think was, I am so glad I am not pregnant. Because Little People potty + giant belly + 20 minute pee intervals would probably make She Cranky.

I sat in front of Vern, who sat next to a man who did a fabulous Donald Duck impersonation and lots of great Amazon bird calls. He quacked and called a lot. A. Lot. She Showed Amazing Grace. (Vern, not me. I just praised God that I was not pregnant and seated next to Donald Duck. It could have been She Misbehaved.)

And it ended with a five hour delay last night, so that I got into Houston at 2:30am. 3:30am Charlotte time. She Cried. But at least I did not have a baby with me, as did so many others stuck in the airport for an entire day.

As you can see, an overwhelming airport theme consisted of me being very happy to be flying solo. And swearing to not fly Continental again.


In between airports, it was super fun. The speakers were great, Lysa is just downright adorable and an excellent speaker and Lysa, She Styles. I LOVED meeting so many other bloggers! Every single one of them was way cuter in real life than on their blogs. And I am sure they all thought the exact same about me! Ok, actually I got lots more deeply drawled "You're so little" which is the polite way to say, "dang, you're short."

Here is a visual recap.

My roomies, Linda and Kelley, whom I absolutely adored. Kelley and I kept Linda up way too late chatting about everything. Which is how it is supposed to be. And they were very gracious about the "Missy Trail" that I leave everywhere I go (I tried to be neat, I really did.)

I also got to meet Amy and Carol who were a hoot. For some reason, I thought Amy would be kinda quiet and shy. Whoo, I was wrong! And Carol became my personal shopper. See that big cross? I would never have bought that without her saying, "Gurl! You have got to bigh that right naw!" She was right. I love it. I loved them.

I also discovered a new little sister that I never knew I had named Annie.

Annie and I ended up in the food court with several other bloggers, including the Bloggy Triumvirate, Melanie, Sophie and Shannon. Over nachos and burritos (not in Texas anymore, friends), Annie and Sophie and I waxed philosophically about very deep topics, like Arminianism vs. Reformation theology. And Project Runway vs. Top Chef. Sophie and I especially had a very special bond, as we reminisced about a very special time in our lives that we spent sharing the lives of some very special people.

Shannon, Melanie and Sophie are all just as funny, sweet and stylish in real life as they are in blogland.

She Laughed. A lot. (thanks to Dawn for capturing it.)

Afterwards we all walked around barefoot into Off Fifth. You know, the Saks Outlet. Where you can get shoes super, super cheap. Like these Jimmy Choos. They cost about as much as my plane ticket, and I think were about as comfortable.

That's Robin from Pensieve, who is absolutely adorable.

Get ready for some more name droppin here y'all -


Here in our fancy, cost more on sale than our plane tickets shoes, are:
DeeDee from It Coulda Been Worse, your humble blogospondent, Dawn from Barefoot Blog Designs, Tina from Antique Mommy, and Robin.

I had a blast. To see the rest of the story, about our cab ride with an American Woman named Ravonda, pop over to Kelley's. Twas blogworthy indeed.

You can hop over to Robin's blog for more She Speaks link love.

Oh, and, there was indeed a spiritual element, and some good Jesus time. But you knew that already.

And now, She Sleeps!

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