Monday, June 2, 2008

Sweet nothings

Beth at A Mom's Life wrote a post a while back that brought up a memory.

I was in college, and a boy named Ricky told me he loved me. I remember it - I was about to drive off in my (very fast) Mitsubishi Eclipse, and he was leaning in the window and said, I love you. This seemed to come from left field...we were 100%. just. friends. I was really shocked and, awkwardly, patted his arm and replied, "Oh, that's sweet."

I had another friend named Scott who wasn't terribly fond of Ricky and had a very dark sense of humor. Occasionally Scott would ask me "Tell me about the time you told Ricky he was sweet" and after I obliged, Scott would roll on the floor - literally, roll on the floor - with laughter. He was real empathetic that way.

Once, during our engagement, I told Walker I love you. He reached out, patted my leg with a patronizing look, and said, "And I am exceedingly fond of you as well," and went back to reading a magazine. It tickled me so much, I think I pulled a Scott.

Since then, we have a game of responses to I love you. My favorite is when Walker looks at me and says, "I love you, I don't care what everyone else says." Or I will say I love you, and he will say something like, "And you have very nice skin." And he sometimes he looks deep into my eyes and says, "Never forget that I love you - despite all your flaws. Your many, many, many flaws."

Today, though, he outdid himself in his poetic proclamations. "I love you, babe. I really think you're wonderful. If I didn't, I would leave you in a heartbeat. The fact that I am still sticking around here, that speaks volumes."

I almost snorted my ice tea out my nose.

It was so romantic!

We don't do it very often, so I am a sucker for it and never fail to giggle and giggle.

It's a crazy kind of love.

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