Thursday, July 17, 2008

Extreme home makeover

Or, How I Wish I Could Think Up a More Original Title

Things are all a-titter here because Mr. Wes is coming tomorrow!

Mr. Wes, you can call him Wes, is our contractor. And Wes has given a good name back to the other guys who had turned contractor into the "C word." He shows up on time, stays late, charges fair, and does a terrific job, all the while patiently answering a million questions from four year old boys who think he walks on water.

We even give Wes the key to our house. That's how big the love/trust is.

When I was 9 months pregnant with Eva Rose, our a/c drip pan overflowed, we woke up one morning to find the ceiling looking like this, in what was supposed to be her new girly nursery

the floor:

Being that I was blogless at the time, can we all have a moment for how miserable this was? I just plopped my gigantic self down on the floor and burst into tears.

Wes came and fixed it, along with another list of things we came up with, including painting the outside of our house. What I love about this is that in the video of Eva Rose coming home from the hospital, we get out of the car and Wes and all his guys come up and ooh and ahh over our new baby girl. Cute memory.

He also came last fall and redid huge portions of our house for us. It's Almost Naptime was just a baby back then. But somehow I didn't "get" the whole blog thing and didn't think that anyone would want to see the before and after pictures on the internet. Is that nuts? Now I know that home improvement before-and-afters are, to use the phrase Melanie just taught me, BLOG GOLD. Hello, there is a whole TV channel that does almost nothing but!

Therefore, I thought I would go ahead and post them now, as the anniversary of our remodeling is approaching.

Y'all wanna see them??

Ok, goody :) I am happy to relive the experience blogically.

First off.

When we bought this house, we were pregnant with Shep, but had no kids.
Bad idea.
You have no idea what you need in a house until you have kids.

For instance, I had this idea in my head that we did not need a playroom, therefore, we bought the only stinking house in the neighborhood without one. I didn't have a playroom growing up, and I survived, right? Plus, playrooms just mean more toys, and that is just a license so to breed materialism in our children. Right?

Quit snickering.
Oh, go ahead, snicker, I sure am.

Little did I know that I would have four children in 3.5 years who would necessitate a myriad of playthings at different developmental levels to keep them all occupied so that I could, say, go to the bathroom occasionally.

And, little did I know that, even with the purest intent to limit "stuff" and to discourage materialism, the scientific fact about toys is this: they breed at night. So much so that even with frequent clean outs and trips to the trash and Goodwill, we would still end up with about 38,o98 toys in this house. And we would need a room for them to live, and, well, procreate.

We had a patio on the backside of our house, nice, but not used a whole lot since it's too hot to be outside without a swimsuit on for at least half the year.

so Mr. Wes worked his magic

to convert it into

a beautiful breeding ground playroom (I'll take some more pictures tomorrow after Laura cleans it, bless her soul.)

(these are our other children we keep in the attic and don't talk about)
(or maybe they were just here for Ike's birthday party.)

And you wanna know the BEST part about the playroom? Aside from the fact that we don't have to stare at all their toys anymore?

Someday we'll get it back. Someday we will reclaim this room and turn it into a Grownup Sunroom. Muhahahahaha.

We also had our kitchen and study redone - and if you can bear the anticipation, I will post pictures of that tomorrow!
(I will post them soon - I am too tired to blog today!)

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