Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flashback Wednesday

Walker read in a People magazine that Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and Peabody, Mass are the new hotspots where all the rising stars are summering.

Or, maybe it was where some scintillating management training seminars were going on.

Either way, he hightailed it up there on Monday. Which means I have been Mom Against the World all week. In addition to being VBS Story Teller all week. (And I have told some of the most random stories. Did you know about Mephibosheth? For two days now I have been trying to envision how you could drop a five year old so hard that you cripple him in both feet. Were they running down stairs? Or what? This is just one more example of men writing the Bible. Because if God had inspired a woman to write this story, she would not have left that out. We would know exactly how that baby fell. And we'd know how long Mary was in labor. And whether she was really wearing blue when she posed for all those Christmas cards.)

(But I digress.)

I'm tired. I know that is so lame to say, because everyone is tired. But, well, I'm tired.

So tired that y'all are getting a flashback.

Back before someone convinced me to blog, I just used to send out emails of our little escapades. So 2005, I know. I am WAY COOLER now that I blog. Anyway I have dug up a few of them for days like today when I am just too pooped to post.

The day was June 22, 2007.

Eva Rose was 2, Shep was 3, and Ike was only about 11 weeks old.

And this one, whom we only called Baby, at 18 months and just barely walking, was already very, very Maggie.

Here's the email:

Today I dragged the kids upstairs to frolic while I put away the ever growing mountain of laundry. I was sitting on Eva Rose's bed feeding the screaming baby, Shep and Eva Rose were climbing in and out of the crib and pretending to be babies as if I don't have enough, and Maggie was in the bathroom participating in her favorite new pasttime of dig a toothbrush out of the drawer, chew on it, put it back, get another, chew on it, etc (you gotta pick your battles.)

I couldn't see her from where I was on the bed but I could hear her. Suddenly I heard what sounded like a splash and I quickly put (I am trying not to say threw) Ingram down on the bed to see if Maggie was participating in her favorite old past time of splashing her hands in the toilet, for which she had already received two swats that morning. I ran to the bathroom and Mags had bumped it up a notch. She was in the toilet and I mean IN the toilet. Sitting there in all her glory, her little smiling blonde head sticking up above the seat, happy as can be.


I scooped her out while trying not touch her, no easy feat, pulled off her diaper and outfit trying not to touch it, no easy feat, and threw her in the bathtub. And she got another little swat. Realizing all the while that this would make a great picture and be really cute if it were someone else's child.

So I scrub her as much as I can, hoping that Johnson and Johnson kills whatever vile toilet germs are all over her body, pull her out of the bathtub, and walk back into Eva Rose's room to dress her, only to see that Shepherd and Eva Rose are running in circles around the contents of a value bag of 1000 q-tips they have thrown in the air and all over her floor.

It's been a great day.

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