Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kitchen redo

or, the best entertainment ever for a four year old boy.

When we were house hunting, I really wanted a fabulous kitchen.

But, as you probably know, you have to make some concessions when you buy a home, and my dream kitchen was one of those concessions.

It is rather small, it has hardly any counter space, the storage was pretty lacking - the upper cabinets are very shallow and don't hold anything wider than a dinner plate. And half the "drawers" are facades! Liars.

The appliances were all brand new, but unfortunately, bottom of the line. We have had to replace every single one of them except the oven. Which is not self-cleaning. Which means, um, the fire alarm gets tested almost every time I bake from the smoke that emits from the remnants of dinners past.

Anytime I wanted something from the lower cabinets, I had to pretty much get down on my knees, stick my head in the cabinet and my badonkadonk in the air. A badonkadonk greatly expanded by whichever fetus was occupying my body.

You're welcome for that visual.

Those cabinets were white. I have four cabinet sized kids. And, as you know, I am the Proverbs 32 woman.

They were always filthy, and the paint was chipping, as you can see if you click on any picture.

There was a grayish laminate counter top that wrapped all the way up the wall. And I just really didn't care for it.

Okay, okay, I hated it.

I did what I could, I painted it red and I made those curtains up there, yes siree I did.

I told myself that maybe in ten years maybe we would completely gut it and redo it and make it like something Nate would have made. But when Mr. Wes was here, he said that due to the house configurations, there wasn't a lot that could be done, as far as knocking down walls etc. So that dream died.

But another took place...if I am stuck with the kitchen the way it is, how nice can we make it?

It costs money to redo a kitchen, there is just no way around it. But considering how much many others spend, this one was done on a budget. Mostly because I did a lot of the legwork myself and comparison shopped till I was blue in the face.

First off, granite countertops. And this was where having only twelve total feet of counter space was a good thing, because it didn't cost nearly as much as I predicted it would (and thousands less than Home Depot quoted me, just FYI.)

Paint: a friend of mine had just had her kitchen totally redone with new cabinets that had that distressed, old-new look, in a creamy color that hides dirt (ca-ching!) She gave me a sample and I took it to Benjamin Moore and they matched it - it's called Standish White, in case you are interested. (As in Miles Standish?? Or Standish-Offish??)

LOVE it. Made those old cabinets look brand new.
They're still just as dirty, but now only Miles knows.

I am a sucker for the magic that new hardware can do. I found the knobs, drawer pulls and hinges on Ebay for about a quarter of what I would have paid in a hardware store.

The walls went from a red to more of a brownish/pumpkin-y color (sounds about as descriptive as Standish White, huh?)

Wes had told me he didn't have time to do the back splash, but then he did. So I headed down to the tile store and had two hours to choose what I wanted.
This is torture to me, y'all. I hadn't thought about it at all, and then had two hours to design my whole backsplash! Ahhhh! But I am in love with what I chose, and how well Wes's guy John put it up.
He is an ar-tiste.

These are my babies right chere.

Truly, I can die now, because I have pot drawers. And if you ever come over to my house, you will be spared the aforementioned visual.

Oh, aren't they precious??
But see those three drawers above them?
LIARS! All three of them!

So I do have my dream kitchen. Partly because it looks pretty.

But mostly because of the people who spend so much time blessing me in it.

(and my husband....he comes in here occasionally too!)

Tomorrow....the study.

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