Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's been a bad week.

Kids have been demonically possessed. So, at times, has their mother. My weekend girls' getaway that I have been looking forward to for months has had some major kinks thrown in it, one of which might be named Dolly. I think I have an ear infection and feel sick. And today I backed the minivan out of the garage with the hatch up, completely shattering my back windshield and covering my driveway with safety glass.

It's been a bad week.

And I have been a little close to throwing a full scale gala of a pity party.

Tonight, we received a call from my sweet sister-in-law Laurel. She went in for her ten week ultrasound today, so excited to see the baby growing inside of her. Things didn't go as planned.

You all have heard before how this sad story ends. Many of you have lived it. My niece or nephew was not bouncing around, as expected, but was still, with no heartbeat. A day of joy turned into a day of tears.

This is the first of "the cousins" we have lost, and he or she will be forever missed.
We'll hold you in heaven, sweet baby.

I am ashamed and repentant for my grouchiness and whining over frustrating toddlers and shattered windshields.

Because it is so, so not what matters.

Please say a prayer of peace and comfort for Laurel and James.

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