Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That's how you get baby robots

Shep has totally entered the Lego phase. Legos, dinosaurs, monster trucks. The Y chromosome is in full effect.

I remember my brother was a whiz at legos. He made cars with pistons that really moved. Meanwhile I built little stages and then I built little Donny and Marie's with little Lego microphones.

We were nothing if not perfect gender stereotypes.

Shep is ready for big boy Legos, the little ones, but until his baby brother learns that Legos are not hors 'devours, he is settling for the chunky toddler ones. Even with those, he can create some cool things.

Like robots. Who happen to be bad, and like to shoot people. Why? Cause Jesus made them that way.

Robots have original sin. Now you know.

Some engineering gene must have skipped a generation and gone straight to Shep, because Maggie knocked these down and in an attempt to avoid an artist's meltdown, I tried desperately to rebuild them before he noticed. I was looking at these pictures on my digital camera, and I couldn't do it. The English major gene is all I got. He noticed immediately. Busted.

(Eva Rose appears to be making a Girl Power sign, but I must confess the only thing she has created with the Legos is, well, little people.)

Also, for your information, robots have gender.

And these, evidently, are male.

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