Monday, July 7, 2008

This is not a post

Lysa said at She Speaks that she has a rule. If she does not do her quiet time, she cannot post on her blog.

I am adopting that rule.

This is not a post.

(Hopefully see ya later.)

(I WILL. I WILL see ya later)


(sorry been teaching VBS all morning)

(told the story of Gideon - five times. I now know the story of Gideon very. well.)

(the story of Gideon is a weird one. But not nearly as weird as the story of Ehud, which I read last night for the first time. Yowsa.)

(Walker is left handed. So is Maggie. The jury is still out on Ike.)

(signing off before this looks like a post)

I repeat, this is not a post.

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