Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Because cockroaches and mosquitos weren't enough

Just now, there was an email in my inbox from Amber, a member of my MOPS yahoo group.

And it went a little sumpin like this:

Well, I had a surprise today when I came home from work. I was picking up clothes in the bedroom, and I saw a "toy" I knew did not belong to Raven, it looked like a 5 inch PLASTIC lizard, I reached down to pick it up and to my amazement it was real! I screamed and dropped it and it is still in the house somewhere.

My husband says it is a SKINK (SP?) but it was so unexpected! Anyone else had this happen?

How do I catch a SKINK?!

To which Stephanie replied:

Black w/yellow and blue stripes? Yup, had one in our dining room right after we moved in…I couldn't believe my eyes-it looked so fake!

Not sure how to catch them….the husband threw it outside

WHAT?? ExCUSE me???

Ok. Can I just say I have lived in Texas Awl. Mah. Life. and I have never even heard of such a creature?!? And yet, he lives in all the green here

and so do I which means we're definitely neighbors.

Little investigoogling brought up this image:


And notice he is not in the swamp where he belongs - he's on someone's carpet.

It didn't even happen to me, and I am utterly freaked out.

That's some empathy from the Holy Spirit, y'all.

So now I sit here with goosebumps all over just wondering what would happen if a SKINK (even the name sounds awful) were to show up in the playroom of Chez Naptime.

Eva Rose would freak. Absolute screaming and galloping in circles on one leg the way she does when she thinks her daddy is about to give her a spanking. I don't know what the auditory gifts are for SKINKS but I imagine she would cover all decibel levels and therefore leave SKINK frozen in fear. And pain.

Shepherd, with his affinity for lizards, would vacillate between screaming and pondering the possibilities of domesticating Efan Two.

Maggie would possibly try to paint it, or perhaps clothe it in a gown of pink playdoh.

And Ike? Well, we all know what he would do. He'd bite it. I mean, once you've had poop, what's a little SKINK?

I am just hoping I only live vicariously through my Skink Sisters. We get enough excitement around here already.


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