Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have so many posts in my head right now. All of them are standing up and saying WRITE ME! WRITE ME! It's a case of blogphrenia.

I also am a big ball of conflicting emotions. I have experienced such highs this week. Seeing my dear friends this weekend in San Antonio made me downright ecstatic.

Then my friend Carol, who gave the eulogy at the most beautiful funeral I have ever been to last Wednesday, sent me a text with two words, So SAD, and my heart shattered.

This morning, my babies squealing at our reunion caused my heart to sing.

And tonight, learning that Joseph, just two weeks older than Eva Rose, went to be with the Lord last week, caused my heart to weep. Now my sweet friend Amanda is where I am with Carol - in the helpless state of watching our beloved friends crawl, bruised and bloody, through the shadow of death.

Which is why I am clinging to the message that Beth gave this weekend - that there is a glorious inheritance awaiting those who put their hope in the King.

Thank you God.

When my head stops spinning, I'll write something coherent.

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