Friday, August 29, 2008


Giveaway time!

Although it wasn't planned, this giveaway coincides exactly with my friend Deirdre's exciting news that early this morning, her little Virginia was born. Not from her body, but into her heart. Deirdre and her husband Martin are adopting Ginny as soon as possible. Go tell her congrats!! Between that and certain news events of today, I am OVER THE MOON.

I shall now share the joy.

Pamela at Spoiled Sweet Couture makes baby items. And they are cuu-ute. Check out her Etsy shop here.

She is giving away a set of holiday bibs to one of y'all!

For October:

And November:

And December:

Now, I am not an expert on many things, but bibs, I know a thing or two about. And these are fabulous in many ways that I shall now list:

  1. Ok, the obvious, they're cute. So cute, that, I almost want to make another baby to wear them. The husband, unfortunately: not so swayed by bibs.
  2. They are dark colors with patterns, ie, they won't show stains. Because white bibs are absolutely beautiful. Just so long as you never let them within five feet of Baby.
  3. They have snaps. Velcro closures are really convenient until Baby learns that he can rip that velcro right open and throw that bib right on the floor. With a snap, ripping the bib results in Baby gagging Baby's self. And that's what we call "Effective Behavior Modification."
  4. The backs are soft chenille, which means they multitask, as in, you can flip them over and wipe the pureed turkey and dressing from Baby's chin.
  5. They are unisex. Which is really good, in case your husband is tired of seeing your son in hand-me-down pink bibs from his two older sisters. Ahem.
If you have a baby, then you want these. If you know a baby, this will make a great gift.

All you have to do is go to the Spoiled Sweet Couture Etsy page, browse a spell, and then come back here and leave a comment about which of her items is the precious-est, by Wednesday at 10pm. PLEASE make sure I have your email if you don't have a blog! Then I will attempt to figure out that random generator thingy and choose a winner. That gives me five days to practice.

And I already have two more giveaways lined up. I know, I know! Now it pays to be my invisible friend!

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