Monday, August 4, 2008

My sister, Angelina

When I first became pregnant with Shepherd, my friend Shelly gave me all her maternity clothes. In between the oh-so-attractive maternity bras, the gigantic shirts (which I looked at and said, "Oh, I'll never wear these, I'll never be that big" - ha!) and spandex leggings was a white nightgown. A tattered, very sad looking white nightgown.

"This is the Ugly White Nightgown," Shelly explained. "Your husband will HATE this nightgown. But you will looooooove this nightgown. It opens easily so you can nurse in the middle of the night, and it is So. Comfortable."

She was right. Ugly White Nightgown was so soft, and so big, and just the right length. I grew to adore Ugly White Nightgown. So much so, that, well, I wore it even when I wasn't pregnant. Or nursing. And she was right about the other thing - Walker truly hated Ugly White Nightgown.

(How I managed to get pregnant again, wearing this tattered and torn thing to bed, who can say?)


Newly born Knox and Vivienne are in the new People.

Now, you probably have noticed by now, that Angelina and I have a lot in common. We both have lots of babies under the age of five, we both are passionate about adoption, and I am sure you have marveled that my baby daddy looks just like Brad Pitt.

Well, now it seems we have something else in common!

Check out Angelina's picture here.

What's she wearing??

Knox and Vivienne aren't the only twins, huh?!?

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