Monday, August 25, 2008


Was fabulous. Really. I had even more fun - Moore fun? ha ha - than I did at She Speaks.

I drove up with my sweet new friend Ashley, and stayed with my sweet old friends Lauren and John and their sweet baby Caleb. Lauren and John were the greatest hosts. And, then, like a horrible friend, I didn't take any pictures of them. This is about the third time I have forgotten to take photos somewhere. My brain, how I miss it.

Honestly, were it not for Kelly's head, I don't think I would have taken any pictures.

But being that I did carry Kelly's head with me all over San Antone, I took a few.

On Thursday, my friend Kelly at the fabulous blog Love Well emailed and asked if, in a way to dissipate the intense jealousy she was feeling at missing the Siesta Fiesta, I would take her head to San Antonio.

And she emailed me her head. With a little Teyla body sitting atop it as an added bonus.

I was so on top of it. The idea I mean, not her actual head. And so was everyone else I asked. Because really, it's just not that often you get to pose with a head. Attached to a Teyla.

The good folks at Living Proof were kind enough to save her a spot. (Exactly like they saved one for Annie.)

She sat next to Cindy from Still His Girl (Cindy had four kids in four years. What a nut.)

Here she is with Lisa at The Preacher's Wife (this was after Lisa and I Kelly's Head had squealed like pigs across the Alamodome when we they found each other.)

Later Friday night, Kelly got a hankerin for some fajitas (she also wanted a Shiner) so she accompanied us to La Tienda.

Lauren in the background, Melanie and Sophie

And on Saturday, she joined Annie, Gulley and me as we pretended to be on the Yellow team and took our picture with Beth and 40 of ours closest friends.

Gulley, 5th on the back row, Annie next to her,
me, Kelly & Teyla seated to Beth's right.

Now, right after this photo was taken, I asked Annie to watch Kelly's Head while I went to the bathroom for the 38th time. She said sure.

Later a group of us went to lunch, but before we did, Melanie had to drop off Travis Cottrell at his hotel and I tagged along. And I thought, awesome, first I can ask him to pose with Kelly's Head.

I asked Annie where it was.

Blank look.

Annie left Kelly - and Teyla - in the Alamodome.

I'm not blaming her. I am sure she is a very responsible person. I am just saying, if you were a certain person who was considering having her watch your kids while you went to a certain marriage conference...just pray about it. That's all I'm sayin.

Ok, the rest of the story.

Beth's teaching was amazing, as it always is, and she did have, as she calls it, the Funny Anointing. She taught on Psalm 16, the inheritance that we all receive in Heaven, and also how we are Christ's inheritance (try and wrap your brain around that.) Because I have had to deal with Heaven rather personally several times in the past month, I loved this reminder. And I get positively giddy when anyone shows Christ in the Old Testament, which she did all weekend. Because the Bible is one book y'all - onebook.

I tried to get a picture of her outfit for y'all - but I am afraid it was a little blurry. I did my best.

Travis can sang. And he sang In Christ Alone both days, which I must say is one of the best songs ever written. It gives the entire gospel in one song and it reduces me to the ugliest of cries.

I saw sweet Annie, who is just so incredibly lovable. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to speak a blessing over her Saturday morning. And focusing on her kept me from blubbering like an idiot. God is doing cool stuff in her life - and I am excited I get a front row seat to it.

Amy Beth and Annie

I met Amy Beth, who is indeed so fabulous. I also got to meet Vicki Courtney, and I must admit I got a little starstruck. I have had her book since before I ever knew what a blog was. I never envisioned chatting with her about UT vs. A&M as we stood in the very very very long line for our caffeine fixes (note to the Alamodome: nobody likes Diet Pepsi. Nobody. No. Body. Please repent of your evil ways and turn to Diet Coke.)

Vicki Courtney.
Check them cheekbones on Melanie. Big Mama is Fierce.

I got some very high quality girlfriend time with Sophie and Melanie, who are becoming more and more dear to me and yes, are just as funny in real life. Even funnier. And Gulley? Let me tell you about Gulley. You know how in high school, a new girl would come and try to steal your best friend? If I lived in San Antonio, I would be so trying to steal Gulley. She's just one of those people you want to keep.

After Saturday's session, we went to the Siesta Fiesta where Beth and her beautiful daughters Melissa and Amanda did a Q&A session. It was fun to see the girls up close, since I have heard Beth talk about them so much throughout the years. Amanda is blonde, sweet, gentle, and was easy to raise. Melissa is brunette, sassy, and was very strong willed. I just couldn't help but be reminded of another couple of sisters I know.

Seeing those two sisters, so different, but both completely in love with the Lord and completely in love with their momma, was, to me, almost even more encouraging than Beth's message. I'm praying that my future looks a lot like that.

And hopefully, on that day, I will be as knowledgeable about the Bible as Beth is.

And as skinny as she is too.

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