Friday, August 1, 2008

Watch Out, Mel Gibson

Last week, Shepherd and Eva Rose told my mom and me that they were going to put on a play for us. After many dress rehearsals and re-writes, we were invited in for the final production, which began by Sissy announcing, "Ladies! And! Audience!"

Shepherd played the starring role of Jesus. In his sister's pink bathrobe and Cars blanket headpiece, which I am pretty sure is exactly what Jesus really wore. He also acted as director. And prop guy. And set design. And special effects, for which we expect him to be nominated by the Academy.

Evangeline, clad in a pink bathing suit typically worn by first century Jewish women, was very versatile: she played a Roman soldier; Mary; the angel at the tomb; and some kind of ancient Greek chorus role. (I think we might set her up on a street corner downtown this weekend and see if anybody gets saved.) She also added some interpretive dance motions, because honestly, what Passion play would be complete without interpretive dance motions?

Sissy gets a little bossy. I don't know where she gets that from.

There is a cameo appearance by Maggie Belle, before she got sent in for a purification ritual (aka bath with her baby brother.)

I don't know where they got the idea that Jesus went to the Temple after his Resurrection...they took a little poetic license. Just like Mel. We'll probably edit that out before this hits theaters to appease the critics. And, there were several pesky prop misfunctions.

It's a little long, but, well, I'm the mom/editor and all, but - oh my goodness. They are so cute.

Enjoy :)


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