Monday, September 8, 2008

CD Giveaway!!

The parties went wonderfully. Precious and fun. And I will post some pix but I think I need another day to recuperate.

So, for now, another giveaway!!

Aiyeshia Woods is releasing a new album today. Aiyeshia has already been nominated for a Grammy and for a Dove Best New Artist award. Her music has a fun, Carribean vibe to it that makes it unique.

And -

and I want y'all to all jump up and down now like they do on Oprah's Favorite Things show -

I have two CDs to give away for free! WHOO HOO!!!

You can listen to her music below, then leave a comment telling me, um. Telling me what's on your Ipod or in your CD player right now. The last song you listened to. Be. Honest.

If you don't have a blog, please be sure to leave your email in the comment.

I will draw names on Friday at noon.
If you want to link to this giveaway, feel free, and here is the widget code

Good luck! (although, my mother-in-law would insert here, "of course we're Reformed so we don't believe in luck, you know, luck's not biblical, so, good, God's sovereignty, or whatever, just, well, you know, good luck. Or, (sigh) whatever. Hope you win." Seriously. She says that every time. It's very cute.)

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