Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Eva Rose

Dear Eva Rose,

All my life, all I ever wanted was to grow up, go to college, get married, and have a baby girl.

I grew up, I went to college, I married Daddy, and I had a sweet baby boy. But I still wanted a baby girl too. On September 5, 2004, you were born! God gave me my baby girl! I was so happy! I said, Thank you, God!

On the day you were born, or “boring” like you say, you made a very dramatic entrance. When you first came out of mommy’s tummy, you were having trouble breathing. The baby doctor called a special baby doctor who came up and had to stick a long tube down your throat to get some gunk out! You didn’t like that at all! Mommy and Daddy were a little scared that something might be wrong with you. But soon they all told us that you were fine. Then they weighed you on the baby scale and said that you weighed almost ten pounds! That is a BIG baby! Mommy never thought she would ever have a baby that big!

You had black hair and long, long fingers and toes. And GG said you had rosebud lips. And you were sooooooo beautiful. You had dark curly hair and blue eyes just like I did when I was a baby. GG said that you looked just like me, except you were a lot bigger!

When you were itty bitty you wanted Mommy to hold you all the time. My arms were the only place you wanted to be. It is still your favorite place to be, isn’t it?

You also had something called reflux where you would spit your milk out a lot. Do you remember when Ikey did that? It was kind of yucky. You always had stains on your pretty dresses.

You hated your carseat. When you were only six weeks old, Aunt Laurel got married. Your cousin Martha took you home with her from the wedding and the whole way home you screamed and screamed. The only thing that would make you stop screaming was a song called Beautiful Day by a band called U2, so Martha played it over and over all the way home. As soon as the song stopped, you would scream again!

You started talking very, very early. When you were still only eight months old, you would stand by the couch and say “Ice? Ice?” whenever one of us was drinking something with ice in it. You loved ice! You were such a smart little girl. You talked and talked and talked and talked. You knew so many words.

You always loved to watch Shepherd, but he liked to steal your pacis and that would make you so mad! Shepherd loved you but sometimes he would hit you too! He was just a baby when you were born, he was even littler than Ikey.

You used to cry, cry, cry every time Mommy would leave the room. Even if I just went to the potty, you would cry and cry. We used to play “where’s Mommy?” I would go from room to room and you would crawl after me where ever I went. When you found me you would laugh. It was so cute!

When you were 15 months old, I would come into your room every morning and you would squeal and say “MOMMY!” then you would look at the floor and say, “Shoes? Shoes?” You used to call yourself “Sissy Rose”, that’s why we still call you that now.

When you turned two you got to be really really hard! Sometimes you would act very ugly and Mommy would get very mad. Sometimes you still act ugly and Mommy still gets mad, but we are working on that, aren’t we? We are both getting better. God is helping us to be better.

I love having a daughter. I love when you want to put on makeup with me, even when I am in a hurry. I love how you love clothes and jewelry. I love it when you are a little mommy to the babies, even though, remember, you are not their mommy.

You are still so smart and beautiful and you still talk a lot! I love hearing you talk and use your words. You are so good at using words, Mommy and Daddy wonder if you will be a writer some day. You are also a great colorer and you stay in the lines so well. And you are so, so sweet to Ikey and even to Maggie sometimes. You are my big helper girl.

You say you want to be just like me when you grow up. That makes Mommy want to be a better lady, just for you. But I still think you should aim higher.

It’s hard to believe you are four years old! That is such a big girl! You will always be my little baby. God bless you, my sweet Sissy.

I love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much. You are my precious, precious baby girl.

Love, Mommy


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