Friday, September 12, 2008

How could they name a big mean storm after my sweet baby boy?

Hello everyone - -

We are watching the news and waiting. As of now, there is no rain, but lots of gusty wind from the east. And our lights have begun to flicker, dangit. I was hoping we wouldn't lose power until tomorrow.

We are safe - they predict 85 mile winds near us, which is typically not dangerous unless you live in a mobile home, which we don't. Flooding is not expected to be bad at all, nothing at all like Allison, which was the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced.

Galveston, however, a place very dear to my heart, may be decimated. Please pray for the surge to be less than anticipated.

And, Ike has already claimed two victims that I know of. One, a ten year old boy who was killed by a branch off the tree that his dad was cutting down in anticipation of the storm. Horrible.

Another is closer to my heart - my friend Amber's parents were cutting down trees this afternoon, I assume also in anticipation of the storm. The tree fell on her mom and the doctors believe she is now paralyzed from the waist down. Please pray for Renee to walk again, for her husband Rusty who is wracked with guilt, and Amber and the rest of the family. Renee is already praying that she will glorify God through this. Praise him for the faith of his saints!

Thanks friends. Hunker down.
Good night.

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