Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurrication part 2

I have got to get back in the swing of things. This hurricane thing has thrown everyone I know for a loop.

By the way, I did not win the play farm. Got totally distracted. But I will, I will bid again. With God as my witness, I will have a 1967 Fisher Price Family Play Barn again!!

So. Where were we.

About the time we decided to put the Boltons Pickles out of their misery, I received and email from my friend Lauren that said, anyone who needs a home, let us know!

Lauren is the friend I stayed with when I went to the Siesta Fiesta, remember, I forgot to take a picuture of her? Made up for it.

How cute is that baby boy?? Lauren and her husband John were in our supper club here and just moved to San Antonio. She has a little boy slightly older than Ike and is pregnant with #2. And she's a chef.

And this is her backyard.

We were so. there.

And yes, my husband greeted each morning sun with those bongos, just like Matthew McConaughey, his hero.

That's a joke.
My husband does not get tribal on it.
Else, he would not be my husband.

I have not spent a whole lot of time in San Antonio and you know what? It is a really neat little town! Very pretty, and very different. I liked how all the houses used different styles of architecture, as H-town goes a little heavy on the red brick if you ask me.

Which you didn't. And could probably care less about. But anyhoo. San Antonio = homestead variety.

Lauren and John bought their beautiful house partly because it has such a good set up for guests, and we certainly broke it in.

Thankfully, Walker can do most of his work from his laptop

(really, he did work) so while he spent the day working, Lauren attended a Mexican cooking class all week (YUM) and the kids and I explored San Antone. My mom, who had evacuated to Austin, came up one day and accompanied us to the zoo,

which has a very unusual and very wonderful "riverbed".

Ike learned he loves to swim in artificial riverbeds.

Also, in the petting zoo, Ike expanded his palate from people poop to goat poop. Because he's all about trying the local fare. A gourmet, that Ike.

We went to the museum, where they could dream of Abe Lincolning it back in Houston

and one night Lauren and I went to a baby shower at her church. Listen to how they do this: every four months or so, the women's ministry has a big baby shower for all the new moms in the church. How cool is that?

Yes, I did say Lauren is pregnant. Quite pregnant, actually, around five months. Uh huh. Barely showing. She's one of those.

But I still love her. In fact, I love her dearly, and the absolute best part of our San Antonio leg of our hurrication was that Lauren and I had lots of one-on-one bonding time, which we haven't really had the opportunity for before now.

And very little in this world gives me more joy than post-midnight female one-on-one bonding.

Ike and Caleb also did some serious bonding but of course we couldn't get a picture of the two of them together that looked much better than this

or this

but the memory of Caleb giddily hugging Ike over the wall of his pack-n-play is seared into my sweet toddler memory.

Ike has a bottle of Benadryl in one hand and a bottle of Zyrtec in another. Which pretty much sums up the only downside to the Hill Country.

We stayed for five days. And Lauren swore that we smelled nothing like fish. I think she even meant it. And then she sent us an email saying we were "the easiest and best house guests."

Us? All SIX of us? Four of us in preschool, Us?
Oh, praise the Lord.

On Saturday we got the call that our lights were back on and I did a hallelujah dance all the way across their living room. Sunday after church, we headed back. Shep crying much of the way.

Our hurrication was very nice. In fact, it was a blast. We had not planned a vacation this year, because I thought that traveling with four kids would be a nightmare. I was wrong. This hurricane, in a bizarre way, ended up being a blessing to us.

But my hours of viewing photos at chron.com revealed the devastation that Ike has left. Ike has been much more of a curse to so, so many, and it breaks my heart.

Sunday morning, we went to church in San Antonio and sang Shout to the Lord and when we got to the line mountains bow down and the seas will roar at the sound of your name it really hit me. The seas had roared. I cried until the song was over. And a few more times after that.

Almost four hundred people are still missing - including kids. Thousands are homeless. The property damage is in the hundreds of millions.

Please continue to pray for Galveston. She's in need of your prayers.

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