Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Shannon at Rocks is doing a meme on labors and I am going to participate because there is nothing I like more than remembering the days of my life where I was the FULL ON CENTER OF ATTENTION. Until a little head popped out and stole my thunder. Just kidding, I mean until a little head that I had been dying to see for months and months popped out and squealed and made me cry with joy and gratitude. Ok, I just got a little welly. As in, eyes welled up. I just made up that word but I think it borders on perfection. Expect to hear it more often because I get welly a lot.


(And if y'all are popping over here from Rocks, please read the preceding post for a great giveaway, on this same baby topic!)

How long were your labors?

Kid #1, three weeks + 4 hours. 1 hour pushing.
Kid #2, 7 hours. 1 hour pushing.
Kid #3, 10 hours. Pushed three times. Actually, more like coughed a little.
Kid #4, 8 hours. 10 minutes of pushing, but seemed like an hour.

How did you know you were in labor?

Kid #1, * see below
Kid #2, the Pitocin drip was the first clue. That and the big crochet needle.
Kid #3, the Pitocin drip was the first clue. That and the big crochet needle.
Kid #4, the Pitocin drip was the first clue. That and the big crochet needle.

* With Shepherd, I had walked around 4cm dilated and 90% effaced for about two weeks and - nada. Every time I would see a woman on "A Baby Story" get admitted to the hospital with only 1cm I would chunk a throw pillow at the TV. (That's why they call them "throw pillows".) Finally at an appt my OB told me to lie (yes she did - bless her) and go across to L&D and tell them I was having contractions so they would hook me up and see. They hooked me up and, unbelievably, I WAS having contractions - pretty big peaks. I couldn't feel them at all! I sat in triage for about four hours waiting for a bed. Finally at 4pm I got in a room, got a little Pitocin, got my water broken by the giant crochet needle, and Shep popped out four hours later. He's still an easy kid.

Where did you deliver?

The first three were born at the same downtown hospital I was born at, lo, so many years ago. Ike was born at a different one closer to home.


Oh, glory, yes. The epidural is the greatest invention next to air conditioning and LASIK surgery. And, like, vaccines and penicillin etc etc

I always had fantastic epidurals. Maggie's was so wonderful that my left leg was a little numb for about six months afterwards. And you know what, I was okay with that. It was a worthy trade off.

The only weird thing that ever happened to me is that twice, the epidural made me itch. It is a bizarre itch, you itch from the inside out, and mostly on your face, so you are scratching your face in vain like a mad woman. But then they put some Benadryl in your IV and between the epidural and shooting up Benadryl, you get THE BEST NAP OF YOUR LIFE. Then you wake up and they tell you to push. It's awesome.

As you can see, I am the poster child for Un-natural Childbirth.


No, although Shep's recovery was so horrid, I would have rather had a C-section.

Who delivered?

Well, aside from me, the first three were delivered by my wonderful Chinese doctor whom I love, love, love. Ikey Poo was delivered six weeks early by another doctor, who was very sweet, but we had some issuahs, that you can read about in great detail here if you are a birth story junkie.

If you want to play along with this meme, hop on over to Rocks in my Dryer and leave a link!


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