Friday, September 19, 2008

The Other Ike - day two

Because both Walker and I were up all night, we took turns sleeping on Saturday. I got first shift. About 11am he woke me up and sent me downstairs to take care of the children in our dark, unairconditioned house. With no Word Girl. And no monster truck youtubes. And no cordless phones. And no Fox News. And no cell phone. And no airconditioning. And no microwave. And no box fans. And no light in the bathroom. So Abe Lincoln.

Abe Lincoln living = four whiny children and one whiny momma.

By 11:20 I determined that We have to leave. and we have. to leave. today.

I am the one who is still haunted by hearing a bible teacher call off "comfort" as a list of idols of our hearts. Yes. I idolize comfort. I seek it, I need it, I love it, and when a hurricane steals it from me, well, I've just got to get the heck out of town.

I began calling around on our land line, which thank goodness never went out. I assumed we would go to my mom's house, igloo full of frozen meat for her to help me cook, like we did during Hurricane Rita. My mom is on an airport grid and she has never lost power in 40 years.

Frieda lost power, y'all. I know that does not mean a lot to you, but trust me - "Frieda lost power" is kind of the equivalent of saying "Armageddon is nigh." Little did I know that Frieda had joined us and Walker's parents and five million others who were Abeing it.

So, GG's house was out. Well shoot. Where can we go? Oh, if ever I loved the internet, I loved and missed it now. How did we function before the internet??

How did Abe Lincoln win a civil war without the internet??

While Walker slept and the children asked why they couldn't watch TV at approximate 6 minute intervals, Walker's aunt Kathy called. Who lives in Florida. Who has weathered many a hurricane. And she burst my "everything will be back to normal by Monday" bubble. "Things will not be back to normal by Monday. Things will probably not be back to normal for a good two weeks, at the earliest."

TWO WEEKS?!? Two weeks of the Lincoln Life??

We had to get out of town.

I called Joel to try and get some news. I was gonna make a plan, and by the time Walker woke up, I would be ready to go.

Problem is, there are six of us. Many of our good out of town friends don't even have one guest room, not to mention space for six people to sleep. Our options were way limited.

Joel got to work calling hotels, then called us back and said, "I have found the perfect digs for you. I have a house. A large house, not too far away, with several empty bedrooms, cable TV, internet, and you are welcome to stay there. It is my parents' house in Temple, Texas."

It couldn't be much more random. I threw together a couple days worth of clothes, an igloo of milk and yogurt and frozen meat, and we hit the road to Temple, Texas.

Planning to be back by Monday, at the latest, maybe even Sunday, when our power was turned back on, because surely Aunt Kathy was mistaken. Because this ain't Florida.

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.

It's been a week today since Ike hit.

We still have no power.

The latest maps say it won't be on until after next Thursday.

Aunt Kathy was disappointingly correct.

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