Friday, September 5, 2008

You know it's a good day when

not only does the new dollar store you find have monster trucks for goody bags, it also greets you at the door with LOTS and LOTS of HAIRBOWS in EVERY COLOR IMAGINABLE!!

Seven dollars = seven bows, y'all. I can't say how many times I have paid $7 for one bow.

I can tell you how many times I have paid over twice that much for a bow.

Once. One time. Seventeen dollar bow. It was beautiful, it had an E monogrammed on it, and I bought it at a Ragsland show. For $12. Forgetting that I would be charged $5 shipping on top of that. A $17 bow. That I can't remember when I last laid eyes upon.

And yes, before y'all ask, I totally reneged on the goody bags boycott. Because, well, because I learned something: making goody bags for little girls' princess birthday parties is fun. And what's good for the goose better be good for the gander lest the gander throw a jealous conniption fit.

Also, recently I was at a birthday party at a gymnastics place where each child received a very cool Spiderman balloon as their treat. But there was this one kid who immediately began screaming, "Where's my goody bag? I want my goody bag!!" I just stood staring at this little brat, and felt very sorry for his mom.

Then I yanked him by the arm and threw him in the minivan and lectured him on greed and gratitude all the way home.

Momma karma. It's so evil.


The bib winner! Sorry about the delay. I am nothing if not irresponsible. But I had my Orient Expressed show this week on top of planning two birthday parties. Overwhelmed is a nice adjective. I just feel like my life will begin on Monday, September 8.

Here it is:

Here are your random numbers:

20 12 3 18 10
19 13 29 1 27
25 24 6 5 14
23 26 20 5 23
22 3 26 24 3
13 16 26 24

Timestamp: 2008-09-06 01:46:34 UTC

So the winner is #20, which is:

Julie from Tales from the Eurovan! Congrats, you now have your sister's baby gift!

I shall now close with pictures of my big four year old girl, eating her birthday dinner on the red plate. She had a wonderful birthday.

And yes, she has a new do.
And, so does her momma!

Be back, with photos, after the mayhem has cleared.

September 8, September will be great come September 8...

Have a great weekend!

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