Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok, after being like, the worst Fit Friday mother ever, here I am. Last week was Flop Friday. Didn't post, didn't even get to reading most of y'all's posts - ack. It was just one of those weeks. But I am on top of it today and have to announce that the baby is shrinking!!! I've lost two pounds! Yea!!

I have been to the Y only twice each week. Not by my own choice. The spirit is willing but the husband/children are so cramping my exerstyle. Walker has had to work late some, the babies both refused to nap one day, blah blah. But it is still two times more a week than I was going, right??

When I do go, I do at least 30 minutes on the elliptical and some weight machines. Our Y has a computer so that you get points for each workout. At 15,000 points you get a water bottle. At half a million points, you get a free one hour massage. I AM GETTING THAT MASSAGE!!! I am at 966 points. Only 499,034 points to go!!!

I can tell how much better I feel. I was doing lunges in the hallway at church before bible study this morning. Cause it just sounded good. Crazy times.

499,034 to go ba-by...

Mainly, I have just been very aware of my eating. I have been out to eat once a week and eaten whatever I wanted (which would be Mexican.) But at home, I am eating like, one goldfish instead of a handful. And not taking extra helpings. Just being more conscious. Which makes me realize how unconsciously I have been eating up until now.

I look closer to three months pregnant rather than four. Whoo hoo!

Ok, how'd y'all do?

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