Friday, October 17, 2008


Welcome to our first Fit Friday!
We are gonna get HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!

My goal is to be totally in shape by December (hopefully Thanksgiving) so that I can have fun at Christmas parties, enjoy my cheese straws, and not worry about it as my metabolism will be lowered and I will already be in the habit of working out.

And I want to look at photos of Christmas 2008 and not gag.

Speaking of photos....

Here's moi now, letting it all hang out. Literally.

Don't I look so lovely, gazing down at the miracle growing in my womb?

But hey...wait a minute...oh yeah...


Uh oh.

My weight: 137. On my wedding day when I was in fantastic shape, I weighed 126. That was four babies ago - but my goal is still to lose 11 pounds.

  • I am going to work out, at least 30 minutes of cardio, at least 3x a week.
  • Watch my diet. I am not going to become fanatic, I am just going to be more diligent. I buy pretty healthily - I don't think my diet is my problem. Except for...
  • Restaurants. We have been eating out a lot lately. Only eating out on Special Occasions (ie, 1-2x a month.)
  • No wine or beer except on "special occasions". (Basically I am going to become a BSF leader again) Walker and I have gotten into a bad habit of having a beer almost every night and that is going to end. I am sure it is just as bad as having a real Coke every night, and I would never do that.
  • No eating after 8pm. I might make an exception for the frozen edamame that I have just gotten addicted to from Costco.
So, there you go.

So, put the button on your blog (right click and save) and use Mr. Linky below. Now you do not need to put photos or stats like I did - it is up to you. But do put down your goals - writing them down is a huge step towards reaching them. If you are already Hot for Halloween and your goal is just to stay that way - great! And encourage your readers to join on in!

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