Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok, so many of y'all are rarin to go!! Yea!!

Here are my thoughts. And please give me more ideas in the comments.

1 - We need a cute name, because, come on, that's the most important part. I haven't had time to think about it since we have been paying our homage to Christopher Columbus today and ergo I have had little noisy children all around. Any ideas? Something about the holidays - my goal is to lose all the weight and be in shape by Christmas. And if any of y'all know how to make a cute blog button thingy, let me know!

2 - So, tomorrow, I will set up a linky. Then whoever is in, can link to a post about it. In that post, we will lay out our goals: for me, it is to lose 11 pounds, and I will put my weight. Of course, if you do not want to put your weight - that is fine; this is a grace filled blog. I just know that actually putting it will motivate me. If you don't really need to lose weight, but just want to work out to get healthy and be able to pig out over the holidays, then that's great too.

3 - Figure out what your game plan is. Like, work out 3x a week, not eat after 7pm, Weight Watchers, etc.

Then, we can check in with each other, somehow. Maybe every Friday? Fit Fridays? That's kinda cute. And that will motivate us to not gorge on the weekend.

Any other ideas? I am not an athletic kind of girl by any stretch, so this is kind of open territory for me. Some of you know way more - lay your ideas on me!!

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