Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Giveaway time!

Well, I feel a little bad regarding the disgusting images I have shared with you recently. Slightly guilty about the shudders I induced and the nightmares I have caused.

What can I do to assuage my guilt? However can I make it up to you?

I know - how about a GIVEAWAY!!!
(insert Oprah audience screams)

I have always wanted to be a Card Person. I have so much admiration for Card People and, especially in this day of email, it is so rare to get one in the mail, it is an instant day-maker. But I have never had the organization to get those cards in the mail in time.

Now, thanks to the repeated harassment reminder setting on my Google calendar and Bayview Cards, with God as my witness, I'll never go cardless again.

Get this - since Yolanda at Bayview Cards sent me some samples, I have already sent out two. That's like, twice as many as I sent out last year.

These cards are absolutely be-autiful, all on handmade paper. You can tell how pretty they are from the website, but when you see them up close, they look so artistic and, well, expensive. And the messages on them are perfect for us Card People.

Look at this origami one - John 3:16 is in the inside, with LIFE on the outside. I'm not ashamed, I am a fool for origami.

Cool huh? and this one

It says God created chocolate! Praise his holy name!
Amen to that!!

and how blessed would you feel to get this one

Ahhhhh. You can tell these cards were created by women. We know what we need to hear!

I have two boxes of these to give away, an assortment of Encouragement cards and another of Special Occasion cards.

Pop over to Bayview Cards, and come back here and leave a comment just telling me what you think of them. Or, if you have some great story about a card you received once, leave it in the comments.

(If you have a story about a card and a portapotty, you win a million dollars.)

I will draw a winner on Saturday. If you don't have a blog, be sure and leave your email!

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