Sunday, October 5, 2008


9. Electricity. I like it. A lot.

10. I am grateful for laughter. I have laughed all night at emails friends have sent me (including directions to a cabin in Arkansas in case the world comes to and end come Nov. 4) and comments on the post below. There's something in the air tonight, and it's funny. And I am so, so grateful for humor. (Even though, she wasn't really joking about the cabin.)

11. Our Sunday school class. Our teachers choose the best studies. I look forward to going to Sunday school so much, even if we are always late.

12. Coffee. With real cream.

13. Our pastor, who does not preach "Ten Steps to Be a Better Dad", etc, but wisely leaves that to Sunday school. Our pastor preaches what he was called to preach: Christ Crucified. Ressurected, and Mighty to Save. And he preaches it every Sunday. And amazingly, I never, ever grow bored with that message.

14. The White Horse Inn podcasts. They tax my brain and expand my faith and force me to question what I believe and why. And ensure that I can define "justification" in my sleep.

15. That via baptism, the sign of the covenant is extended to sweet baby girls.

16. That my computer is back up. And that my sweet husband can figure computery stuff out. Because granny don't like a laptop.

17. That even though I didn't blog for a week, y'all are coming back. :)

18. That my mom got up with the kids and let both Walker and me sleep in until 9:30am yesterday. Nine. Thirty.

19. That after five (long) years of praying (hard), God has blessed me with three amazing Christian girlfriends who live near me, who would watch my kids in a minute if I needed it, and with whom I can share my heart - all of it. (And two of them even blog!)

20. That this was chosen to be our bible study at church, and is currently awaiting me on my bed.

Good night.

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