Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I thought I had nothing to write about and then I just started rambling and rambling and rambling

Boo talked a bit about her love of cheesy duets and got in my head the Mother of All Cheesy Duets, which is above for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Well-ell ya just, ro-holl over and tuuuuurn out...the light....

Oh. Could you just CRY?? For the record, I can do a very good impression of this song and it brings me much joy to do it upon request.

And like Barbra, I, too, fell prey to The Pantsuit Craze of 1983.

That's one eighth grader whose Hot for the Holidays.

Now Melanie, when we gonna bring those babies back in style??

We owe so much to Neil and Barbra - without them, there would be no Danny and Sandy, no Joanie and Chachi, no Prince and Apollonia...ok, I know all those are a bit of a stretch, but for real, they are American heroes. Well, not Barb so much anymore, but Neil.

BOM BOM they're comin to America....TODAY!

I remember when the love of my adolescence, Trevor, told me that his first concert was Neil Diamond. With his parents of course. Wait, maybe that was my friend Garth. Ok, well, one of them told me that. Think it was Garth. Think Trevor's was A Flock of Seagulls, a band known for their riveting synthesizer skillz.

My first concert was Thompson Twins. Unless you count seeing Donny and Marie in the Astrodome at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, which I don't. But I sure did when I was seven and wanted to be Marie Osmond. I used to have a white 'fur' coat that I thought was so pretty and I would wear it with my vinyl zip up boots and stand outside my second grade classroom, waiting for a black car to drive by, screech to a stop, the door to fling open, and Marie to run towards me shouting, "You! You, little girl! You must move to Utah and put on some iceskates and be on my show! Come on! Right now!"

Still waitin. Maybe I should get some new boots.

Ok, wait, I saw Amy Grant before that. At "Christian Night" at the Astrodome when I was about 12. (Wasn't every night Christian Night at Astroworld, you ask? Um, prolly not.) But I was with my youth group. Thompson Twins wins for first-concert-with-no-grownups. I wore a black pencil skirt, a shirt with a brooch at the collar, a black pillbox hat and lots of red lipstick. Which was not what I wore to Amy Grant.

So? What was your first concert?

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