Friday, October 3, 2008

Pop. Pop. Pop pop. Popopopopopopopopop

I have recently rediscovered the pure joy of a modern miracle of science: Microwave popcorn.

So wonderful. This revealed bliss came courtesy of my children, who, if they have all napped, are occasionally treated to a movie night (as I type, Barbie Mariposa chirps in the background.) And of course it is flat out illegal and immoral to have a movie night without popcorn.

Our new(ish) microwave has a popcorn sensor. Do y'all know about this gizmo?? No more guessing if microwave is a macho 2.5 minuter or a wimpy 3 minuter. No more smell of burned popcorn lingering in the kitchen for, well, months. No ma'am! Just lie the popcorn in THIS SIDE UP!!!! ( push a button and voila - perfect popcorn every time.

Oh, we live in a wondrous age.

Now, really, what do y'all think would happen if one day, we all took a walk on the wild side and laid Orville the wrong side up??

If y'all have been wondering lately how our economy got in such a mess, I have a theory...

I come from a popcorn loving momma. There were two things that always drove Frieda to popcorn: 1) running errands in the rain and 2) a trip to Sears. I think Sears used to sell popcorn, and the smell would always inspire her to pop. All I know is that to this day, just show me some Craftsman tools and my mouth starts to water.

Pavlov, meet Missy.

Mom's popcorn popper looked something like this

Once, when we were kids, she put a sheet on the floor, set the popper in the middle, and let it pop with the lid off. She was crazy!!

Can you believe you can still buy an old school popcorn popper now? I considered this for a millisecond but, let's get real. That's just one more thing for me to clean. And store. And eventually sell in a garage sale for $3.

Frieda also had a fabulous way to jazz up her popcorn, Texas style. She sprinkled it with garlic salt, chili powder, and just a touch of cayenne.

Poppity heaven.

So share your wisdom with me, oh invisible friends, as I am still a popcorn novice. What is the best brand of microwave popcorn out there?

PS - My computer is broken. So I have to use my husband's laptop. Which I hate. And evidently, so does blogger. I just can't explain the huge gaps between paragraphs, nor can I remedy them. Maybe I put the popcorn bag in wrong side up.

If you know the secret, please do share.


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