Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Things About Missy

I have received the "seven random things about yourself" meme several times recently. I already did one like that here. And so even though I could truly go on and on (see #7), I thought it would be fun to ask Walker for his list. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

This is Walker.

Here are seven random things about Missy:

1) Missy is the only person I know who is physically, emotionally, spiritually incapable of listening to music if another person is in the car with her. She needs to talk. Why listen to music when you can talk? I mean, we could be driving in a red, vintage, convertible Corvette down California's Pacific Coast Highway on a sparkling summer afternoon and The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" could tumble out of the stereo speakers and Missy will say, "Turn it off! Talk to me!" I don't think there's been one time in all my years of knowing Missy that we've enjoyed the radio silence...just two souls...comfortable in each others' presence...digging a groovy tune...

2) Missy sleeps with a veritable tsunami of pillows. Honestly, about six or seven. A couple for her head (which makes sense), a couple for her back, a few snaked about in seemingly random places about her upper arms and neck zone, and get this, she has to have at least one between her knees. She has to. Non-negotiable. Also, throw in some ear plugs and a sound machine into the mix too. Why not? And she still has a hard time sleeping! I sleep with one pillow. One. You know, like humans do?

3) Something about pillows. Missy is the only person I know who takes a back pillow to restaurants. And if she forgets it, guess who is sent to the car to fetch it?

4) Missy has a shocking medicine cabinet. A sheer, steep face of little white bottles. It is a pharmacy in itself. Sleeping pills? Check? Pain killers? Check. Restless Leg remedies? Check. Cough medicines, cold and flu agents, buffered analgesics of all types and stripes? Yep. It's scary. And I am not even talking about the vitamins and weird oils. Any random stranger snooping through our bathroom encountering Missy's Medicine Bunker would think that she was a Hollywood starlet one pill removed from Over Dose City.

Exhibit A.

5) Missy strongly prefers savory foods over sweet foods. Her bagel choices are ghastly. Anyone for a mixed onion and tomato? Anyone? (the sound of crickets chirping). But ask her if she wants some ice cream, and she'll give you a puzzled look. Ice cream? Why?

6) Missy is a huge fan of self-help books. She is addicted to them. She is always reading at least one. Sometimes she reading two or three at a time. It is exhausting because she always wants me to read them with her. Some recent titles: "Don't Spare the Rod: Principles of Discipline by A Reformed Cage Fighter", "NeanderTHIN: Eat Like Your Ancestors and Lose Weight!", "Potty Train With the Dolphins!"

7) Missy has what I call "Daily Epiphanies". She has ground-breaking mini discoveries seemingly every single day. It shocks her. If one comes to her in bed she will stare at the ceiling in utter incomprehension, marveling that she didn't know that one thing just a few minutes before. I haven't had a "daily epiphany" since like 1996.

Despite all these weird things, she remains my snuggle-britches.

Uh huh. He added that because I said, "Ok, you need to follow it up by saying something NICE about me now! About how fabulous I am in spite of my idiosyncrasies!" The above sentence is all I got. I think my current state of PMS might be a factor in his short list. Maybe I should take something for that.

I am tagging anyone whose husband is game enough to play along. Leave a comment below if he does it!

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