Thursday, October 2, 2008

And the seas will roar

We go - well , we went - to Galveston every Thanksgiving. Just a few weeks ago, we sent in the deposit on the beach house we had chosen for this year. The very nice owner had called and said we had to cancel, so I emailed him to inquire just how bad the damage was. He emailed back.

This was the house we rented, pre-Ike. Over the dunes on the left was the ocean.

This is the house post-Ike. No dunes. No house.

This house we went to this time, was wonderful with a perfect, huge porch for the kids to play on. Very small, but we had such a great time there when Mags was just a baby. But it was on Gilchrist, on Bolivar, which was completely decimated, so I was not hopeful. I emailed her too. Her reply, "Sorry. Gone." Sigh.

One speck of good news. The house we used last year was in Freeport, which was badly hit, so I thought it was a goner. But they only lost their stairs! Praise God for sparing one.

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