Saturday, November 8, 2008


#9 - I am grateful for GG

When my mom and dad first got married, around 1957, they lived in Deer Park, Texas. My mom was putting my dad through law school on her teacher salary. He was at University of Houston, which at the time was private and very expensive.

Their rent on their little house was $32 a month.

After my dad graduated, he got one of the highest paying jobs of anyone in his class.

He made $7,000 a year. My mom made $3,500. They were rolling in it.

Before my dad made all that fat cash, she said she remembered lying on the couch in their little house in Deer Park, completely stressed about money, and thinking If only we had $500. If only we had $500. All our problems would be solved, if only we had $500.

This morning she told me this story. And then she handed her very, financially stressed out daughter a check - for much more than $500.

And this was after she let us both sleep in until 9:20 while she watched the children.

We love you GG. We love you so much. And not just because you hand out checks. You are the most wonderful mom and grandma, and you bless us in more ways than we could ever dream of.

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