Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day

Everyone says, "Go vote, the most important thing is that you just go vote, no matter who you vote for, everyone just get out and vote! GOTV!"

Oh please.
As if.

If you are voting for the guy I want to win, then please, please, rain or shine, get out and vote tomorrow. Can I give you a ride? A Starbucks? Carry you on my back to the polls in the driving snow?

If you aren't voting for my guy, then please, could you sit yourself back down and just stay on home?

Thank you.

Good night.

PS - I am serious about the Starbucks. Meet me at your local Starbucks after you vote, and I'll buy you one! Seriously Starbucks is giving a free Tall today to anyone who tells them they voted, and several other places are too. For real.

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