Friday, November 28, 2008


Today is FAT FRIDAY!! Hope y'all are as fat as I am! Remember, the goal was to gain everything back that we lost on one fell swoop! Ok not really. I am afraid I might have done that though. It's not my fault that Aunt Wilma outdid herself on the dressing this year.

And I am sorry to arouse so many suspicions because I had five little monkeys up earlier. As you can see, I have cropped one out. There is not, I repeat, there is not a monkey in the oven.

So, y'all, I am very frustrated that the only way to make my blog look cute again will be to pay an exorbitant amount of money (although, after trying to do it myself for the past three days - those ladies earn every. stinking. penny.) Therefore I am considering a move to Wordpress, where I can get a prettier blog for free. Walker says just to be pretty is not a good enough reason to move. I said, eh? What better reason could there be then?

The thing is, my soul belongs to google and I am ok with that. Moving would complicate my life for that reason and also because, you know, changing your blog is like changing your phone number - doable, but what a pain in the keister.

Never even uttered the word keister before. Just felt like being zany like that. Keister, keister, keister. I can so see Keister as one of the Top Ten Baby Names of 2011. We joyfully welcome Keister Alexander. By 2025 it will cross over and become a girls' name. Keister Marie. Keister Isabel.

See. Trying to do my own blog is clearly making me lose my mind.


Everytime I try and download a 3 column blogger format from the internet I get an error message. If any of you can figure that one out, that would be divine. I'll give you, I don't know. A Red Mountain Christmas CD?

Otherwise, Wordpress. ?

Update: Oh, my word. I just found these angels of mercy and got my Christmas template from them. Cute, huh? This will buy me some time now. Whew.

Update again...still working....

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