Thursday, November 13, 2008


Week four, ladies. Wow.

Ok. I think I lost another pound but I am not sure because they are renovating the locker room at my Y, so I have to go to the Tough Guy Weight Room now to weigh myself, and I think the scale may not be calibrated the same. Unless it says I lost weight, in which case I am sure it is just right. Anyway, yesterday it said I was down another 1/2 pound, which after my gorge fest during election week is a miracle.

Amy and I met up on Monday for yoga ball. I don't know what yoga ball is, but I was pretty sure I was going to look ridiculous doing it. Major bummer, the class was canceled. So much for humiliation bonding with Amy. I think I should get some points for trying anyway. We did a little chatty elliptical together and then I worked out again yesterday, and I intend to go back tomorrow.

By the way, be sure and read Amy's WFMW post about keeping your, er, calves in shape. ;)

And, y'all, I have discovered the best solution to the 4-6pm Witching Hour - it's called the YMCA childcare. If I time it right, I can switch my little personal TV back and forth between Oprah and Judge Judy. Burning calories to TV justice while someone else takes care of my cranky kids. This is a wonderful country.

And y'all?

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