Thursday, November 6, 2008


Ok, my turn to slack. I have only been to the gym once (I do plan to go tomorrow) and I have not been the best eater. And oh yes I did have a beer on election night. And the day after the election I had a good bit of Halloween chocolate. Those three Dove hearts did help ease the pain just a bit. As did the cookie. And the Reeses. And the M&Ms.

I don't think I lost any weight this week and I am blaming it on someone whose initials are BO. Although I guess I really should be blaming the initials JM. Or maybe just W.

I am mainly blaming my uncle with the red suitcase who came to visit this week and just made me exhausted and too grouchy to care.

On another note, I found out this week that I am slightly hypothyroid...ic? Hypothyroid-y? I have no idea what you call it I only know that Oprah has thyroid issuahs too so maybe it will make me rich. And happy about the election. But hopefully the thyroid medicine I got will keep me from being so exhausted and maybe make me look less like a blessed vessel. And more like Oprah in her skinny jeans. And maybe I'll get to meet Will Smith because I really do like Will Smith.

So. Did y'all do any better than I did? Good grief, I hope so. If you are a Democrat, you best have lost five pounds!!!

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