Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Missy's Favorite Things!! (Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!)

I have this bag. It is my favorite bag. Partly because I am a sucker for All Things Monogrammed and also because it is super cute but also big enough to serve as a diaper bag if needed (always) and strong enough to lug around my big forty pound bible (me so holy) and my grandma pillow. It looks a little something like this

only those aren't my initials. Because my name is not Astrid Alphonsa Gritseater.

The black and turquoise is super trendy and the bow is just the icing on the cake. I get tons on compliments on it.

Recently for some unknown reason - gee, who knows, how many kids does she have? - I had some chocolates in my purse. In Houston. In the summer. Which meant my already sad state of manicuria was further humiliated each time I reached into my purse and my nails grazed the sticky bottom of my bag. (Is it blood? Is it poop? No, it's just the melted remnants of some Christmas Godiva.)

I had no choice but to throw it in the washer. Now, if you read my comments on my friend Shannon's post, you will know that I have no need for anything in my life that cannot be washed in either an a) clothes washer b) dishwasher or c) bathtub. (Kids fall into one of those three, so they get to stick around.) Even so, with much fear and trembling, I dumped my beloved black monogrammed bag into the washer. And the dryer. And?

It washed like a dream.

Whilst driving to preschool and pondering the aforementioned miracle, I decided I really should email Suzanne at Heartfelt Expressions, where I got this bag from, and rave about it. Then I decided, heeeey, I should go ahead and ask her to do a giveaway while I was at it!

Guess what......
(Oprah screams!!!)
She said yes!

Now is your chance to win Missy's Favorite Bag!! Monogrammed with your initials or the initials of someone on your Christmas list!

Get out your Christmas list and pop on over to Heartfelt Expressions and look around. Cute, cute stuff and oh my word, her prices. Prepare to be shocked, and probably buy something. Then come back here and just chat a little about what you liked best. If you don't have a blog, be sure to leave your email.

By the way, Suzanne also just adopted a baby girl...and is fostering-to-adopt two toddlers...so that makes her the coolest chick with a monogramming machine this side of the Mississippi.

I will draw a name on Saturday!

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