Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All my dreams have come to pass. As pathetic as that may be.

Y'all, I have some serious bloggers' block. I have stuff to write about but then when I start writing, I read a couple of sentences and think, "The goal of this blog is not to be a cure for insomnia." Although if it were, it would save me lots of Benadryl, as that is my current insomnia remedy.

See? That sentence?
Oh, I am a snooze fest.

Must be a tryptophan hangover.

Well, this might liven it up. Ya ready?

I organized my pantry.

Ok, I know to YOU that may not be big news. But to me, oh, the glory, the glory. Let me provide a visual aid because you know when one blogs, one (or one's mom) can't even organize the tupperware drawer without taking a picture of it.

(Thanks Mom.)

You know what, I used to daydream about getting engaged, or my wedding, or the births of my children. Now, I literally - LITERALLY - lie in bed at night and fantasize about organizing my laundry room.

Oh. My. Word. I just scared myself.

We have a fabulous pantry which was one of the selling points for me when we were house hunting. Because even before I had all these kids, I was a stocker of the Armageddon Is Nigh variety. If one is good, twelve are better.

A trip to Costco is considered a pilgrimage.

So, "organize the pantry" has been on my fantasy list for several weeks. Then I went to the grocery store and brought in tons of groceries, and because I was sure I would get to it "probably tomorrow", I just put them on the floor. And then I couldn't actually walk into the pantry, so other stuff got piled on top of the groceries until we had a veritable mountain of dry goods.

And lo, many days passed without the mountain being conquered. Many days.

Eventually, the dream was realized. Several hours, many podcasts, couple rolls of contact paper, and a few mysterious small black things that I will choose to remain in denial about, and...


Tell me the truth, have you ever seen anything so lovely??

The secret's out, we like beans.

Have my amazing organizational skillz inspired you or what?

If so, you're in luck. My friend Tricia is offering a Christmas Cleanup Challenge and Giveaway!

Here's what you do. Get busy. Clean something that has been bothering you for months. (If you don't have anything that needs organizing, then I will be happy to drop Ike and Magsy off at your house for about two hours. You will then have several projects from which to choose.) Post photos of it on your blog, and post a comment on Tricia's blog. On Monday she will draw a winner and you get to choose from three different organizing books.

This means you have all week and the weekend to get busy - ready, set, go!


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