Thursday, December 4, 2008

Because if I listen to enough smart people, then maybe some smartness will rub off

Reorganizing a pantry takes a lot of podcasts, my friends. I have weeded through a lot of chaff and am sharing the wheat with you.

I'm here to serve.

Life Today:
(If you subscribe to a podcast, you can select only certain shows to be downloaded onto your itunes. All of 2008 came into mine. So I am going waaaay back in time here.)
  • It goes without saying that Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer are worth listening to, right? Many of y'all have gotten the email about Beth Moore brushing the old man's hair in the airport - you can hear her tell it herself on the 3/11 podcast. It's one of her best stories.
  • Recently I listened to some others that you don't want to miss. A woman named Lynette Lewis was on 11/10 and, man. She has got some wis.dom. Especially if you are single, listen to her.
  • Also, there is an interview with Willie Aames - you know, Tommy from Eight is Enough - and his wife Maylo McCaslin on 3/25 that blew me away. Very difficult to listen to, but an amazing reminder of how good God is. (And oh. Hearing about abused kids makes my adoption bug start biting!!)
Focus on the Family on Parenting
  • Julie Barnhill is one of my favorite, favorite authors. She talks about the stress of motherhood, including anger and depression and - sit down, y'all - the fact that Prozac is not a sin but often a blessing, on the June 3 podcast. I hope you can still download it. Lisa Whelchel is also interviewed and while I haven't listened to them yet, I love her too. Again you have to subscribe to the podcasts to get these, they don't show up on the website.
White Horse Inn
  • When you are a big ole former Arminian converted Calvinist like moiself, you get asked to splain your views on election from time to time. My answer of, "Listen, I didn't make this stuff up. PAUL did." is rarely sufficient but the truth is, if you really want to go there, we will need a bible, Internet access, some chocolate, about three free hours and a carafe of Starbucks. And I'll need a cell phone and couple of lifelines. These guys are much more succinct, so just listen to their 11/2 podcast, called, appropriately, Election Coverage. The 11/9 podcast called Quitting Church about, well, why people quit church, is also very thought provoking. And if you are into theology, go back to July and listen to their series on Pelagianism, a third century heretic whose ideas are still having an amazing and negative impact on the modern church. I think if you grow up in America, you probably have a little Palagius in you. I know I did, being such an all American girl.
  • And here, you can hear the history of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Linus will once again be preaching the Gospel next Monday night on ABC.

There. I know at least one of you is now also podcast addicted. And if you have any good ones, please leave them in the comments.


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