Monday, December 29, 2008

Dylan and Piper and polar bears, oh my

Oh goodness. Hello, my sweet invisible friends. I suppose I should check in and assure you that we are all alive. No poisonings or exploding fireplaces. Just a whole lot of sleep and carbs.

Walker says I need to do a year end, best of/worst of 2008. But that requires too much brain power for tonight so, I'll just ramble off a long list of nothingness.

1. Walker has this aunt named Carol who lives in Detroit and she dated Bob Dylan. Before she married Walker's uncle, that is. And has nothing to do with anything except it just came up in conversation and we think it is super cool so from time to time, one of us will say, "You know Carol, in Detroit, she dated Bob Dylan." and the other one will go, "That's so cool" and the other one will go, "I really like her" and the other one will go, "Me too, she's really nice," and we nod.

2. I, for one, do not care for Bob Dylan's voice. Nor do I care for - let's just keep this between you and me - Stevie Wonder's voice. I know, I know, he's like a god among motown, I know. I just don't like his voice. Never have. Now I thought this was known to my husband, my soulmate and all, but evidently this was new information to him and he was so flabbergasted and appalled and slightly embarrassed to be married to me that he posted it as his "Walker is..." status on his facebook so that he could gain some pity from his 200+ facebook friends at his sad choice of offspring bearer. What can I say. Stevie's voice bugs.

3. Our computer died. Again. No, make that, afreakingain. Which means I am on Walker's laptop which means that I had to make a trip to Massage Envy tonight because Walker's laptop causes extreme physical duress to the muscle that connects my shoulder blade to my spine. According to the Austin Massage Envy dude, who told me that over Thanksgiving when I did the exact same thing. You'd think I'd catch on, but I'm slow. And feeble.

4. Oh, yeah, Christmas. Christmas was great. Thanks for asking. How was y'all's? We switched things up this year so that we did not leave the house on Christmas Day. Jammies all. Day. Long. That was fabulous. Someday, when I have a real computer back, I'll post photos.

5. We're anxiously awaiting Season 3 of Big Love.

6. Oh, here is the Big News. Lisa, over at The Preacher's Wife, and I are going to be doing a book study together on John Piper's new book, Spectacular Sins, which tackles that hard question of why a good God allows so much evil in the world. I just started reading it last night, and, wow. I was up till 2am because it totally rocked my brain. We'd love to have you join in the discussion in a couple of weeks, so please get yourself a copy of this book. It's one of those books that Christians need to read, and it's only about 100 pages so you can do it. (And please click on My Amazon Store up there to purchase it. Please. I might make like 25 cents if you do, and we have four kids to put through college you know. Every quarter counts.) (Or maybe that quarter will just be used to feed my book addiction. Either way. God bless you.)

7. Once again, my resolve to be in bed by 10pm has flopped like a drunken polar bear on ice. Which is a random image that just came to me but seems to describe it adequately. Somehow. Not that I've ever seen a drunken polar bear slurring his words and skidding across the icecaps. I just used my imagination because, like my third grade teacher told me, I'm very creative. I did have a dream though that there was a (sober) bear in my backyard. Speaking of dreams (nice segue) I'm off to bed.

Night night!


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