Friday, December 19, 2008


Oh, if I had a dirge, I would play it.

Now the whole reason that I wanted to start this was back in October was because I knew that December would slay me. But I forgot about how truly slay-ful December is. It's a one horse open slay (ba boom cha.) Between Christmas cards (not yet out) and tracking down a Leapfrog L-Max because Leapfrog customer service was totally unhelpful even though they sent me a BROKEN L-MAX FIVE DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS, the Y has not seen my tired pudgy face.

Plus my mom gave me two Ziplocks of Texas Trash and oh, that has not helped a bit.

So if my scale here is correct, I have gained back a pound (SOB.)

The good news is, I no longer look pregnant.
Now I just look fat.

By the way, "I am not pregnant but I look like I am" is the most common google hit that brings people to my blog. Which causes me to giggle every time and say, "Oh, sister, I feel your pain, and welcome."

What I think we should do is this. No Fit Fridays next week or the next because, hey, it's the holidaze (and in case you haven't noticed, I'm on a little unpaid vaca.) Then on January 9th ladies, will be the BIG HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS REVEAL.

Photos. Stats. DNA testing.

Just kidding about the DNA testing. Unless you really feel the need.
In which case Maury Povitch might be a better outlet for you, fyi.

And I am not just doing this because it buys me an extra three weeks to get my ever-expanding butt back in shape. Really, I'm not. I mean, so I kinda am. But I would have done it anyway.

But I am gonna sweeten the pot. Whosoever shall show that they have lost the most weight, either in pounds or inches, since we began on October 17 - if there is some kind of tie, we'll vote on it - will win a $25 gift certificate to the best store on the planet, Tar-jay Boutique.

And by the way my friend Christy just got the CUTEst purse there for only $37 and I totally intend to copycat her, she just told me I couldn't get it in ivory, and I said, as if, ivory would so be covered in pen marks and coffee splashes within two days I'll get it in black because black is my friend, except when it comes to milk and spitup. My point is if you win the gift card you can scrounge up twelve more bucks and we can all be twins. Triplets. Whatever.

One more surprise until then. Sweet Nicole at Life in Progress is offering a set of ornaments as a giveaway for the Hot for the Holidays Sistahs! She was going to draw from my list but you know what? When I changed my template, I lost that list! So if you have been participating, then please go to Nicole's blog and leave a comment on her post for today!

Feel free to link up. Or, hide your shameful pudgy face like I am and go eat some sugar cookies, no worries.


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