Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here's to poop

It's 10:30pm on New Year's Eve, and here I sit in my sweats with droopy eyelids.

Oh, I am so old.

Before I make my way to my ever-so-cozy bed, I want to say thanks for a really wonderful 2008. Last December was when my blog expanded to more readers than just my sister-in-law and the two Jennifers (which still shocks me, by the way) and I entered the bloggy world full on. And I have to say, in a lot of ways, blogging has been a lifesaver. It is the perfect hobby for me - it makes me feel like a grownup, it brings a lot of feedback and communication which feeds my soul, it gives me an outlet to talk about Jesus when I feel the need.

But here's the best part about blogging: no one gets mad at me when I don't do it.

Which makes it practically the only area of my life with little to no guilt attached.
Which is dang refreshing.

The fact is, I am a much happier person since I began blogging, and ergo, a much happier mommy and wife. And for that, I thank you, and my husband and four little people in this house thank you as well.

This has been a good year for us. Ups and downs, sickness and health, richer and poorer, but overall, we are blessed and grateful.

It has been the first year since 2002 that I have neither gestated nor birthed nor nursed any living creature. And y'all - you know I love my babies, but y'all - can I just say, GLORY HALLELUJAH TO NOT SHARING MY BODY WITH NOBODY BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT.


I mean, I do share my body with my husband. You know. And actually I share it with far greater frequency when I am not gestating/birthing/nursing, which has made 2008 a pretty good year for him as well...okay, I'm just gonna stop right there.


Carrying on.

So now, I will do what it appears you are supposed to do on your blog on New Years Eve, and that is, recap the year in blog.

The most popular Naptime posts, based on comments (and not including devotionals):

I reminisced about my wedding dress

Maggie was cute

I explained how we got four kids in three years and eight months

I stepped in poop

Went on a tangent about Oprah

Went on a tangent about white shoes before Easter

Screamed at my kids

Cleaned up poop

Saw way too much of myself in my daughter

Drank some poop

Sang like Lisa Loeb

Watched Shep rock out at his preschool program

Confessed that I am totally neurotic
(and found out y'all are just as neurotic as I am)

Screamed at my kids some more

Maggie went on a terror

Commenced to bow training

Cuddled my baby

Had the poop experience to beat all poop experiences

Confessed again how neurotic I am.

So, there seems to be a theme to my writing:
Poop, neurosis, and screaming at my kids.

I am glad you are sharing these poopy-neurotic-loud times with me.

Have a wonderful, fabulous, blessed 2009.



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