Sunday, December 7, 2008

unorganized ramblings on a sunday evening

I just cannot get inspired to get my tree up. The Kid Tree is up, but not the Mom Tree. And lights in the yard? Pfftt. just ain't happening this year. Judging by the relative darkness of my neighborhood, I am not alone in my laziness.

After a blogging slump, I am now having bloggy schizophrenia. I have so many posts inside my head all screaming. Write me! Write me! And then, there are these four kids screaming at's been a bit noisy being me.

I hate paying bills.

You know what December means to me? CHRISTMAS SMOCKING. Oh yes. Hallelujah for smocking.

Look at this picture of precious Ike.

Doesn't it look like there is snow on the windows?? It's actually the remnant of some lazy and sloppy window installer, but I am pretending that it magically turned into frost. Magical frost in the 74 degree weather.

Speaking of schizophrenia, check out the many faces of Eva Rose. I wanna whine...but I wanna pose. I wanna whine...but I wanna pose.

She's a nut.
I don't know where she gets it.

I am reading the best book on marriage, y'all. I haven't even heard of it before, and it is rocking my world. It is A Marriage Without Regrets by Kay Arthur. You can look at it in my little amazon store on the tab above. Every page is just causing my brain to explode.

Okay. I am going to pay bills now.


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